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Prague - the magic city

The center of this city is famous for its ancient buildings from 14-15 centuries, narrow cobblestone streets, many souvenir stores and all kinds of shops. It is here, in its very heart, is the building of the Parliament and the residence of the President of the Czech Republic. All the most famous sights, theaters, art galleries and museums are concentrated in its center. When visiting Prague it is important to choose a decent hotel and not to be mistaken with its location. The availability of urban infrastructure and cultural facilities should be a priority when choosing a old town hotel prague. The area of old Prague meets all the requirements of a demanding tourist. In all reference publications, the center is called the Prague-1 area.

Hotel accommodation.

The hotel has the best rooms in Prague. In this you can easily see for yourself, visiting this respectable and refined hotel. Each visitor, along with home comfort, awaits a magnificent interior and the highest service. All rooms are equipped with modern appliances, and eco-friendly materials and items are used. Each guest will receive aesthetic pleasure from their stay in any of the hotel rooms.


Sushi restaurant.

Each guest of the hotel will be able to appreciate the service of the highest level and get a lot of pleasure from visiting the famous sushi restaurant. The philosophy of the restaurant is based on choosing only the best and very fresh products from reliable suppliers, turning them into culinary masterpieces with the help of special knowledge and skills. The famous chef Jame Kim, who has won many awards with 28 years of professional experience, successfully leads the team of the best sushi restaurant. Honored praises from visitors to the restaurant are heard here every day.



Choosing a hotel.

Choosing a 5 star hotel Prague -1 will be the best place for recreation and entertainment. Merchants Crown Suites and Spa is located on Wenceslas Square, one of the most famous squares in the city, from which almost all excursion routes originate. The best restaurants and shops of famous brands are in walking distance from the hotel. Evening walk to the center of old Prague will take a little time and will not leave a shadow of fatigue from such a walk.

A lot of pleasant impressions and pleasures will be presented by this elite hotel Prague will be able to turn your head with its incredible atmosphere and amazing hospitality. This magical and mystical city is an excellent choice for those who are interested in history, architecture and endless romance.

Many celebrities, when visiting Prague, choose the Merchants Crown 5 * Suites and Spa, visiting it again and again. If you, just like them, are accustomed to high service, exquisite interior, high cuisine and special comfort, then the hotel will open its doors to you, and the Czech Republic will present an unforgettable journey to its centuries-old and ancient history!